When it's time to show off a home, in order to get attention and stand out from the crowd you need to change the game. Why stick with the same old stale drive-up photos and still interior shots that everyone else uses, and has used for many years? Stand out!  Be the first or be the last to take advantage of aerial photography.


Most new listings will be posted on the Internet or television using aerial video and still photography.  The incremental cost may be less than you think as will the time it takes to get a listing recognized and sold.



Why risk life and limb climbing up ladders to conduct inspections? Using high-resolution video and still photography you can get a bird's eye view easily, affordably, and safely. Aerial photography via drones is rapidly replacing all other primitive means of data collection. Conduct more inspections at a far lower cost and far less time using aerial photography via drone.



For builders, the case for return-on-investment is straightforward. Drones are cheaper to fly than manned aircraft and faster than human surveyors, and they collect data far more frequently than either. With the right computing tools, builders can turn sensor data into 3D structural models, topographical maps, and volumetric measurements (useful for monitoring stockpiles of costly resources like sand and gravel). Collectively, that intelligence allows construction companies to more efficiently deploy resources around a job site.



Storm last night? Have to go out and drive in the mud and muck to see what's going on? Fence line intact?  Feeder knocked over?  Livestock okay?  Aerial photography can quickly and affordably monitor activity without costly and time consuming driving all over the place.

Counting Livestock:

  1. Take an aerial photo of all livestock.

  2. Print the photo on paper.

  3. Get a pen and number each animal.

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